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We are located just south of Chiang Mai city in Hang Dong district

Within the vicinity of the resort there are numerous attractions to keep you busy

Grand Canyon Waterpark

The Grand Canyon Water park caters to everyone’s needs and to those of all ages. This family day out will be full of adventure and trying new things. What’s great is that there are lifeguards everywhere to ensure your family’s safety as you enjoy the park.

Ob Khan National Park

Featuring mountains made of limestone and rock, Ob Khan National Park is the only place where visitors can see Dendrobium Wardianum bloom in Thailand. Make sure to also check out the various waterfalls located in this park for stunning views and serene beauty. 

Wat Doi Ku Kham

Wat Doi Ku Kham is a small local temple just a short stroll or bike ride from the resorts. This very quiet temple has a few special pieces of art. At the pagoda on top of the hill, you have a wonderful view over the valley and to the city and the surrounding mountains.